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Lightning-fast monitoring setup, state-of-the-art anomaly detection, and robust vulnerability monitoring for seamless infrastructure oversight.

About Big Bell

About Big Bell

BigBell is a cutting-edge SaaS monitoring solution that aims to empower users with seamless infrastructure monitoring. It provides intuitive tracking of important metrics like CPU usage, disk capacity, memory allocation, URL health, AWS billing insights, and more. With BigBell, you can ensure uninterrupted performance of your websites and APIs, effortlessly conduct performance assessments and receive instant alerts for quick problem resolution.

In particular, BigBell differentiates itself through its lightning-fast cloud monitoring setup, state-of-the-art anomaly detection algorithms, and a robust framework for vulnerability monitoring. It's the ultimate tool for harmonizing your digital ecosystem, taking minutes to configure

Elevate efficiency using Bigbell.
Use Bigbell's capabilities to increase efficiency and optimize processes, and lead your business to unprecedented success.
Cloud Bill Cost Savings
BigBell provides invaluable AWS cost insights, empowering you to optimize expenses through resource allocation, optimization guidance, and comprehensive cost analysis.
100% Uptime
BigBell strives for 100% uptime to guarantee continuous availability of websites and APIs while prioritizing impeccable user experience
Immediate Alert System
BigBell's instant alert system notifies you rapidly about infrastructure issues, which is critical for quick problem resolution and service disruption mitigation
Live Graph Monitoring
BigBell provides real-time graphical monitoring for system metrics such as CPU, disk, memory and URL health, ensuring you instantly track the health of the infrastructure.
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Our Seamless Server integrations
Unlock your server's hidden potential with our seamless server plugin monitoring – where performance meets accuracy.

CloudBill Monitoring

BigBell is the most suitable solution for cloud billing monitoring. This gives you invaluable insight into your cloud expenses, allowing you to find cost-saving paths and reduce unnecessary expenses. Using BigBell's capabilities, you can easily monitor your cloud budget, ensuring optimal cloud utilization. With its comprehensive cost limit analysis, BigBell gives you control over your finances, helping you save valuable resources.

URL Monitoring

With Bigbell, you can ensure 24/7 continuous availability and optimal performance of your web services. It monitors your website and alerts you immediately in case of downtime. This proactive approach enables you to resolve issues faster, minimize customer disruptions, and ensure a seamless online experience for your visitors. Trust Bigbell to keep your web services running smoothly.

CPU Monitoring

BigBell is your ultimate monitoring solution, empowering you to keep a vigilant eye on your system performance. With real-time CPU usage tracking, you gain insight to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and resource-hungry applications. This invaluable data allows you to optimize your system performance, prevent overloads, and ensure uninterrupted operation for your applications.

Vulnerability Monitoring

Bigbell provides a comprehensive monitoring solution, specializing in vulnerability detection. Our advanced system performs regular scans on your servers, identifying vulnerabilities and opening ports to fortify your infrastructure against potential threats. With our real-time monitoring and instant alert notifications, you can be well prepared to proactively deal with security risks. Stay one step ahead of malicious attacks with Bigbell's cutting-edge monitoring solutions.

Memory Monitoring

Unlock real-time insight into your system's memory usage with Bigbell's memory monitoring solution. Stay in control as you allocate resources efficiently, protect against memory leaks and guarantee a seamless user experience. With Bigbell, you will harness the power of active memory management to keep your system running smoothly, increasing overall performance and user satisfaction.

Disk Monitoring

With Bigbell's disk monitoring solution, you can stay ahead of potential storage problems. Our advanced technology continuously monitors disk usage, providing real-time alerts to prevent serious outages. By actively monitoring your disk space, you not only safeguard your system performance but also ensure the integrity of your valuable data. BigBell empowers you to prevent costly downtime and maintain peak operational efficiency.

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